I Am A Gamer – Game Jame Sponsored by Hybridsound Works

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Hybridsound Works is proud to sponsor the “I Am A Gamer” game jam, centered around strong female characters and led Kimberly Voll.

“What is this Game Jam” you ask and why is it special?

Please read Kim’s article  about “Jammin’ for Change, Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Gaming”.


Hybridsound Works is donating one Indie Audio Starter Pack for the jam!

Does your game need impactfulwell-designed and emotionally-engaging audio?  You’re in luck because Hybrid Soundworks Inc.  is offering the Indie Audio Starter Pack, a free consultation package worth $500 to 1 lucky winner!  Here’s your chance to have industry veteran Yanni Fyssas develop your audio vision for the game and lay the groundwork for an awesome-sounding game.

What does the Indie Audio Starter Pack include?
Approximately 10 hours of Sound Design work and/or consultation.  Based on previous experience at Electronic Arts, a Sound Artist would typically look at a brand new project and submit a rough audio plan from Pre-Production to Final. For the Indie Audio Starter Pack, Hybrid Soundworks will typically include some (but probably not all)  of the following items:
·        Exploration of audio concepts, themed-audio and reference material custom made to the project.
·        The Audio pitch – what audio features matter most in this particular game & how to achieve these features.
·        Audio files (Music/SFX/Speech/Videos) to help define the Audio Pitch (some of these might be used in the final game, or just help to set up audio expectations for down the road).
·        Audio tools & software engineer support – specific tools / libraries needed to support the audio pitch. This can include middleware, internal custom tools, low-level libraries and coding implementation/best practices.
·        Some big picture scheduling, based on what Audio Pitch materials were approved.
·        Investigating game engine and platforms for audio CPU/RAM optimization.
·        Pre-Production Audio and Prototyping implementation to test out tools and functionality (if the game requires some custom made audio tools, some  gray box implementation would prove out required tech).
·        Middleware implementation and playback (Wwise/Fmod/XACT/Unity/UDK/Custom) that highlights interactive/dynamic self-mixing of Audio assets (Please note that depending on your game/platform, you may need to license some middleware audio tools while others ,like XACT, are free).
·        Testing and proving out Middleware hooks and in-game triggers for specific audio cues.

After the Indie Audio Starter Package is complete, the Dev Team will have a good idea of functional audio concepts, what works on their title, and can proceed to build an audio roadmap matching the dev roadmap to minimize knock-ons and maximize efficiency. Once in Production, the audio deliverables will be well defined and approved, thus the team can move forward with confidence in the audio design, implementation and delivery.

Depending on the title some or all of the above would be pertinent the Audio Package will be tailored as required.

Yes please! Where do I sign up?
You must be a registered for the iamagamer game jam – register here . More info will be provided at the game jam

Anything else?
– Once your package is delivered and signed off by the game team, a presentation of the process will be done at an upcoming Full Indie meetup.