Audio Workshop – How to improve your game with audio

Introducing a workshop for Game Developers that guarantees to improve your game!

Hosted by: Full Indie / Vancouver Film School – November 18th – (2pm-6pm)
Enrollment is limited to 6 games, and room capacity is 30 people
Panelists: Alex Vostrov, Kevin Regamey, Matthew Marteinsson, Jenn Lewis, Yanni Fyssas

A truly immersive game experience is always achieved through what you see … and what you hear. This workshop for game developers aims to expose the true potential of audio, as well as the role it can ultimately play for the end-user.

The panel of experts will analyze your project, brainstorm possibilities, and make suggestions to improve the overall game experience through the creative use of audio.

Now accepting submissions (video of gameplay, game demos, etc) through Full Indie or contact me for more details.