YANNIS FYSSAS | Xenitemena Tragoudia (Aug 8 2023)

The 3rd personal album for Yannis Fyssas with all new songs, published by Hybrid Soundworks Inc.
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From Canada to Greece with love.

Having immigrated to Canada in 1981, Yannis found a new home while still carrying the essence of his Greek roots. Five years of global studio work unfold into Xenitemena Tragoudia, uniting musicians from Canada, Mexico, Greece, Turkey, France, and Cyprus. Nestled within this musical tapestry are thirteen tracks, each delicately woven with sociopolitical themes that resonate deeply. Melding Western and Greek instrumental flavors, Yannis crafts a distinctive auditory experience that beautifully blurs the lines between Contemporary Folk, Greek Tradition, and Western tonalities.

Yannis’ artistic path took root in 1992, as he embarked on his musical journey in the vibrant city of Vancouver, Canada. Over the years, he diligently nurtured his talents as a songwriter, producer, and recording artist, refining his skills within diverse recording and project studios. Notably, his talents found expression in the world of video games, where he played a pivotal role as a Sound Designer at prestigious institutions such as Electronic Arts and Fuzzy Wuzzy Games Inc. from 2006 to 2015. His sonic contributions enriched games that achieved remarkable sales, exceeding two million units.

“Xenitemena Tragoudia,” which roughly translates to “Expatriated Songs,” delves into a sentiment that words struggle to capture. A more nuanced interpretation might convey “songs that left their homeland.” This album encapsulates the profound longing and connection to one’s roots, a feeling cherished by a global community of over seven million Greeks dispersed around the world.

Released August 8 2023 on Bandcamp / Youtube / Spotify / Apple Music / Amazon Music


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