Fortuna is the city of your dreams! Or it will be, if you can survive.

Streets of Fortuna is a free-roaming megasim sandbox RPG with emergent chaos rather than a linear story.
Use your wits to live as a thief, a blacksmith, a rebel, a priest, a smuggler, a lover, a cook, or just a street rat.
Someday perhaps you can challenge the Overlord that rules over Fortuna with an iron fist.

I worked closely with composer Riley Koenig to take provided ancient Greek lyrics and create a melodic memorable phrase that would invoke 500 AD Byzantine vibes.
I recorded a couple of vocal ideas, changed a few chords around and send the vocal and guitar parts back to Riley where he did the final mix for the reveal trailer.

You can find out more about this game on the developer’s official website Kitfox Games (from Montreal)