Armillo is a 3D puzzle/platformer that remixes gameplay mechanics from the 90’s and beyond to create a new fresh platforming experience.

For this series of videos, we wanted to create awareness and showcase the player experience for new players, as seen from the perspective other developers. We did candid interviews using Google Hangouts and blended in never before seen footage into the interview to entice viewers to watch the whole video. The series was also featured in the Nintendo eShop alongside our game.
Here are a few of those videos.

Player Impressions: Nels Anderson
Lead Designer Mark of The Ninja (Klei Entertainment)
Lead Designer / Producer : Campo Santo

Player Impressions – Dr. Kimberly Voll
AI Programmer / Professor Center For Digital Media

Armillo Video Interviews – The first person IN THE WORLD to finish Armillo @LXstudio
Carmen @LXstudio plays armillo at NorthWestFanFest 2014.
Recorded at July 28 & 29 2014
Armillo Launched 2 days after this video on the Wii U eShop.

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