What if in order to save the life of someone you loved, someone else has to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Harvest Project Films announces it has completed production on feature film “The Harvest Project”, a psychological thriller set in the world of the black market human organ trade.

The Harvest Project asks one question: What would you do to save the life of someone you love? By the end of the movie it is apparent that the answer might not be so clear. This is a story about the consequences of desperate actions, of blind greed, and of startling sacrifice.

An ensemble cast of talented, up and coming actors including Nigel Vonas, Sebastien de Castell, Syrie Wongkaew, Krystal Vrba, Sebastian Gacki, Willis Taylor, and Raquel Riskin, tell this story of desperation, greed, and sacrfice, prompting those willing to answer to see if they could go to such sinister lengths.

Written and Directed by Darren Rozak, The Harvest Project will leave audiences torn looking for answers to the dubious morality questions posed by this movie.

An extremely driven group of post production personnel, including editor Randall Woroschuk, sound designer Yanni Fyssas, music composer Gregor Phillips, graphic and special effects guru Arlend Engar and director of photography Shannon Kohli, brought this story to realization.

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