Yanni Fyssas: Sound Designer SFX creation, implementation and mixing (using proprietary EA Audio Tools, custom audio tools, and Cvar Mixing)
Platforms :Wii and PSP

• SFX Design, Implementation and Mixing
• Responsible for DIsk footprint and RAM budgets while maintaining highest possible Audio fidelity
• Offline Music editing and Mastering (All EA Trax, In Game Ditties and Load Loops)
• Spec’d in game port (NBA Live ’08 was the first time EA ported the title to the Nintendo Wii)
• 3D implementation using Dolby PLII
• Dynamic Mixing, multi-layer crowds amd on court SFX
• Audio support for: All Start Weekend, Season, Playoffs, Superstar Challenge, Rookie Challenge, All Start Game
• Exclusive audio support and assets for the Wii Party Play: 3 Point Shootout, Slam Dunk Contest

• NBA Live ’08 has sold over 450,000 copies on Wii & PSP