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Sound Prototyping : Yanni Fyssas
Designed and implemented in Fmod Designer pre-release functionality and worked with team to implement and test Fmod designer with their proprietary game engine.

Pre-Production Sound Design and Implementation: engines, NPC engines, ambiences, wind systems, physics based collisions,  hybrid synthesis/granular based engines, environmental based whoosh-bys, various reverbs for exterior interior spaces, landings, charge-ups, power-downs.

Created 10 unique engines for nuclear fusion type “clean burning” propulsion motor based on real world turbines, wind engines, various spinning electric motors and synthesised engines  all with proper RPM, on/off load functionality.

Optimized cpu engines/voices and self mixing ducking states that kept the mix uncluttered based on relative user /cpu speeds and positional 3D audio cues.

Recorded custom motorbike fairing scraping against concrete and implemented speed based scraping for user and cpu bikes.

TouchArcade 4.5 out of 5 stars
“Tons of speed, great visuals, and a few clever new tricks to set it apart from the pack.” – TouchArcade

“One of the most exciting racing games to land on iOS in a long time… A superb racer with unimaginable speed and fluid gameplay.” – TapSmart

“A flipping fast futuristic racer” – Pocket Gamer UK

Imagine trying to make lightning-quick maneuvers while upside down on a rollercoaster, jetting through gravity-defying tracks filled with massive loops and impossible banks.