In This World, his first album for Ragged Pup Records, Porteous decided to move away from the roots-oriented folk/rock of his first three albums, and explore new musical ground. Morris Tepper the Los Angeles-based guitarist and producer best known for his work with Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits, Frank Black and P.J Harvey, was Wyckham’s producer and guide to new directions. Originally, the project was to be a collection of previously recorded but never released material, augmented by new spoken word and instrumental parts, but when Morris and Wyckham went to the rustic Nomad Studio on Saltspring Island and started rehearsals with drummer Pat Steward (Odds) and bassist Rob Becker (Patricia Conroy), the original idea was scrapped.

In five days, they had finished the basic tracks for ten new songs.As sessions progressed in Vancouver, Victoria and on Saltspring, both producer and artist realized they needed a third party involved – a mixing engineer that could handle a “big” sounding album and give the music the sheen it deserved. Joe Chiccarelli, a friend of Tepper’s and a veteran of sessions with Beck, Frank Zappa and U2 offered to mix the project.

Basic Tracks recorded at Nomad Studios, Salt Spring Island (engineer: Paul Brosseau) and at Yaletown Sound, Vancouver (engineer: Yanni Fyssas)
I remember doing some background vocals too, somewhere in there. There may have been some drinking involved…
This was a most craaaazy and educational experience due to the fabulous producer onboard : Morris Tepper