The Immortal (Mediæval) Bæbes at The Festival Of Immortality (DVD) recorded live at the Croatioan Cultural Center, Vancouver, BC

“…a crew of vampires crept onstage, did a Dracula on the ladies and led them off in a trance. It seemed to be just what they needed, because when they returned as “The Immortal Baebes,” their performance was driven by a dark magic…the addition of electric guitar, bass, cello and keyboards made the Baebes and their material fly, Best of all was a hypnotic, power-packed Taiko drummer on a riser high above the stage.” – PENELOPE MULLIGAN

This was a unique Mediæval Bæbes performance that featured an Electro-acoustic Goth backing band and a Cirque Vampyre live performance.
I was responsible for setting up a 48 input recording setup, recording, and mixing the final audio for Eyes & Teeth Productions DVD.