NHL POWERPLAY ’98 offers all the NHL teams. Not only are real NHL teams with real NHL players available, but several Olympic teams also make an appearance. The graphics are also one of the many strong points here polygonal player models move exceptionally well and possess some realistic animations, including high-sticking swipes and some hard-hitting body checks. Basically, if you’ve seen it in a real NHL game, chances are you’ll see it in NHL POWERPLAY ’98. You can also take on a friend in the Versus mode to see who’s the king of the ice.

“Where Powerplay ’98 stacks up most favorably against NHL ’98 is the place you’d least expect it – out on the ice.” Gamespot

Released on PC and Sony Playstation by Virgin Interactive, Developed by Radical Entertainment
Recorded & Engineered live bedtracks for In-Game and FE music that was composed by the most talented Graig Robertson.