As Dido released her first single “Here With Me” she was relatively unknown, apart from the single also being used as the theme music for the American Television show Roswell.  She recorded a rare unplugged showcase performance at  Sonar Cabaret in Vancouver with a stripped down 3-piece band. That recording  was mixed by Mark LeCorre at Yaletown Sound and mastered by yours truly at Hybrid Studios. See below for the track.

After the single “Stan” by Emminem became a massive hit (she often jokes when playing the song Thank You live : “Does anyone know the chorus to this song?”) , Dido’s career skyrocketed and a massive tour ensued. Mark LeCorre (who was Dido’s one and only FOH mixer) recorded and mixed the whole show onto CD and I, once again,  mastered the whole CD at Hybrid Studios for Dido’s Management in the UK.